It’s no April Fools’ joke that certain banking entities were paying 5% to 6% dividends on deposits 50 years ago. Prices for groceries, clothing, cars, building materials, and TVs have changed, too, according to 1972 ads clipped from The Fayette County Record in La Grange, Texas. Let’s take a look.

A dollar went a long way at the Michalsky
Packing Plant in Fayetteville back then. The price for half a calf (150 to 175 pounds), cut and wrapped, ranged from $102 to $119.

La Grange Ford was selling a 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 (like my first car, but that’s another story) for $2,875.00. (Do dealerships still have

At City Grocery on the Courthouse Square in
La Grange, $1 would have bought your choice
of three packages of paper towels, three cans
of tuna fish or three four-roll packages of toilet
paper, plus you’d earn Money Stamps to
save for future purchases.

Shoppers at Tartan Discount Center
could choose a laundry basket or pail,
wastebasket or dishpan for $1.Bobby pins
were on sale for 10¢ a card.

Gindlers Department Store marked down
 its highest priced made-in-America shoes 
from $16 to $12.90. Another good value was
the sale price of $3.90 on $5 styles.

Still the go-to place for hardware, electrical
and plumbing supplies, (plus so much more)
in La Grange, Farmers Lumber Co. advertised
½-inch plastic pipe for 5¢ per foot.

Adamcik Refrigeration featured a 19-inch
Zenith color TV for $469.95. While it was a
competitive price back then, now a VIZIO
55-inch Smart TV sells for $384 on Amazon.  
TVs are a bargain today versus 50 years ago!

Do any of these vintage ad prices surprise you or remind you of purchases you made?

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